Six signs of a passionate Software Developer

Hi All,

In this post I am going to tell you six signs of a passionate software developer. These six signs are purely based on the personal experience and you might still find one or more mutual points 🙂

1). You are a full time Software Developer, working Monday – Friday 9AM to 5PM but still can’t get your head away from coding even during weekends. You tend to find alternatives, better approaches and different techniques, for a function you wrote at work on Friday during the weekend. This is a clear sign that you are passionate about what you are doing.

2). You are at a party or a gathering but in your mind you are trying to memorise a foreign key / index that you knew it was kind not okay from the time you drew it in the ERD. You are restless until you figure out the most perfect / logical alternative. Another similar instance is, you named a foreign key / index which is very long and you think it might cause issues in different database platforms (exceeding the allowed character limit), so you are cutting letters in your mind.

3). You can’t concentrate on newspapers while travelling to / from work in a public transport. Apparently you want to browse a generic technology article on TechRadar or hunt down latest cool updates in your programming language ./ framework.

4). You badly want to reply your friend who said his programming language / framework is much more scalable and reliable than yours. Back in your mind you are collecting facts to prepare and strengthen your answer to blow off when you meet him next time. Continue reading