Running console commands using Process component in Symfony 2

Hi All,

Today I am going to talk about process component in Symfony 2. Process component is a useful library which can be used to run console commands as it is. The main driving factor to discuss this topic is, recently I had an issue in running multiple console commands in Symfony 2. I tried using doRun method in Application. It worked for commands like doctrine:mapping:import and doctrine:generate:entities but not for doctrine:generate:form.  Even it worked for doctrine:generate:entities, I didn’t managed to generate a single entity in a bundle. I had to generate all entities for the whole bundle. In other words “php app/console doctrine:generate:entities ACMETestBundle:Person –no-backup” did not worked. So I had a really difficult time with this until someone suggested me about the process component when I posted this question in StackOverflow.. To be honest, I didn’t had the opportunity to explore process component thoroughly before that. But I found that process component is a really cool library which we can use to run console commands in Symfony 2. I thought it might be useful for someone who is trying to run console command using the application. If you have struggled running console commands using Application’s, run or doRun methods, this post is especially for you.

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