Too good heart for a too deadly war



Shaken up by a wide big tornado,
Debris all over the kingdom,
Not many places to hide and seek,
King is lying unconscious in his garden…

Armour is powerless in his soldiers,
Walls breaking apart at far four corners,
Daunting scream of stallion in the stable,
Strong gloomy fog sneaking the kingdom…

Petals falling from his roses,
Wings falling from his eagles,
Tails falling from his mermaids,
King is lying unconscious in his garden…

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Being yourself

Hi All,

This is going to be an exciting blog post for me. The reason being, I am writing this post whilst I am traveling on a plane. I am on my usual annual leave and at the minute flying with Sri Lankan Airlines UL504 heading from London to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Well, the flight took off like 10 minutes ago and the cabin is bit shaky, due air pockets I guess (not sure though).

Let’s talk about an interesting topic today. Let’s talk about being “yourself”. Well, the topic is a bit random I know but, it is still worth reading. What does actually mean by being yourself? Well, it isn’t that hard to answer, isn’t it? Each and everyone is unique in their own ways. I am not actually talking about being unique, undoubtedly everyone is unique in their own way. But, I believe in being yourself got more to offer than being unique. I have experienced in my life that being yourself is really a beautiful thing.

To reveal the real person behind you, firstly, you need to thoroughly understand yourself. Nobody can help in this but you. As you grow older you will explore more things within yourself. Some people realise this when they are really old, but some lucky people will understand this in very early stage in their lives. The reason why I highlighted this factor is, to be yourself, first you need to understand yourself very well. Continue reading