Five months with Symfony 2

Hi folks,

Well, today I am going to briefly discuss on couple of things which I have learned throughout my journey in Symfony 2.  Well the journey is still ongoing and this brief discussion is about first couple of months, in exact terms first five months.

At very beginning, as an experienced CodeIgnitor and CakePHP developer, I found that Symfony 2 is quite confusing for me. The bundle concept started to bring some nightmares on me. The ‘bundle’ concept is a whole new experience for a developer who is sound with PHP frameworks such as CodeIgnitor and CakePHP. But today I found that, I am so lucky to get my self around with ‘bundles’, which makes developers life very straightforward and easy. I honestly believe Symfony 2, SensioLabs, Fabien did the correct thing by introducing ‘bundles’ for Symfony 2 which was not there for Symfony 1.x versions. Bundles let you organise your features, functions within your project in most efficient manner. The knowledge of arranging your projects according to functions, features within bundles will come to you once you spend sometime playing with Symfony 2. Then you come to a point, you get a feeling that how the things should get arranged in terms of Symfony 2, bundles point of view. So try your self by playing with Symfony 2, creating bundles under various vendors, etc, try your self how the bundle is created.

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How to install ApiGen in NetBeans 8.0 using PEAR

Hi All,

Today I am going to show you how to correctly install ApiGen in NetBeans 8 IDE using PEAR. Well, ApiGen is a handy, powerful and customizable code documenting tool which will help you to generate code documentation for your source code. So let’s begin installing ApiGen in to NetBeans.

  • First, you need have PHP installed in your machine and environmental variables set for the installed PHP. (If you need any help in installing PHP or setting environmental variable, just drop me a comment below, I will help 🙂 )
  • Open up your command prompt in Administration mode (right click and run as administrator)  and type this command to enable PEAR auto discovery mode. Auto discovery mode will help you to automate dependency installation. Because ApiGen requires tools such as Texy, Nette and so on. The good thing is when the auto discovery mode is on, it will install all these dependent tools automatically for you.
    pear config-set auto_discover 1

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