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This is going to be an exciting blog post for me. The reason being, I am writing this post whilst I am traveling on a plane. I am on my usual annual leave and at the minute flying with Sri Lankan Airlines UL504 heading from London to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Well, the flight took off like 10 minutes ago and the cabin is bit shaky, due air pockets I guess (not sure though).

Let’s talk about an interesting topic today. Let’s talk about being “yourself”. Well, the topic is a bit random I know but, it is still worth reading. What does actually mean by being yourself? Well, it isn’t that hard to answer, isn’t it? Each and everyone is unique in their own ways. I am not actually talking about being unique, undoubtedly everyone is unique in their own way. But, I believe in being yourself got more to offer than being unique. I have experienced in my life that being yourself is really a beautiful thing.

To reveal the real person behind you, firstly, you need to thoroughly understand yourself. Nobody can help in this but you. As you grow older you will explore more things within yourself. Some people realise this when they are really old, but some lucky people will understand this in very early stage in their lives. The reason why I highlighted this factor is, to be yourself, first you need to understand yourself very well.

According to my personal experience, I realised that being yourself can be explored in many ways. For an example, when you are on your own, spending your time alone, you will explore a different set of “you” things. What I meant by “you” thing is, such as spending your time walking on a spectacular path alongside a mountain, you may realise that you are a nature loving person. Until you walked in such a path you will never realise that there is something which you can treat as a “me” thing. I have discovered writing posts is also kind of a “me” thing. When I start writing, I don’t feel like stopping until I come to a good stopping point or I try my level best to complete it in one go. To be honest, I am not actually trying, motivation comes without any extra effort.

There is another way I have experienced in my life which is when you are with someone you discover a totally different set of “you” things. For an example, treating someone in a way you feel, can be treated as a “you” thing. It is like a totally different kind of a treating pattern suddenly jumps out from you effortlessly. For an instance, someone may give flowers to the person he or she loves and someone does not but still loves. Another interesting fact is someone understands / reads the other person in a flash, even surprising him or her. All these sudden activities emergeĀ from yourself when you realise / explore more and more “you” things whilst you are with someone.

My advice to you is, whenever you feel something within you towards someone or something, as long as it is harmless, feel free to express, regardless of whether she/he likes it or not. Because, being you is lot easier than being somebody else. You should feel free to be yourself, no matter what, as long as they are harmless, innocent and beautiful. The world is really a beautiful place as long as you don’t let your innocent, harmless feelings down.

So, here I wrap up my first fly- post.. ha ha… lol

Feel free to comment your thoughts in the provided comments box below. Thanks for reading my post.

Go and reveal yourself. Good luck!!!


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