Moving into 2016!

Hello chaps,

Another year just said goodbye and new hopes, new dreams, new challenges are already booming and starting to tingle in my mind. How was your 2015? Was it a successful year? Did you manage to fulfill all or part of your to-do list, that you prepared during the end of 2014? Anyhow, this post is not to question you about how you performed in 2015, but to give you three advices to help you to shape up your year 2016.

  • Prepare a to-do list and fill it with activities you are going to engage in 2016. To make things easier, break down your to-do list to each month (Jan to Dec) and arrange your activities around each month. When arranging your tasks / activities, make sure you prioritize them according to the importance, not by the duration it will take to finish the task. Well, if a task takes good six months to successfully finish, no point you are starting it at the third quarter of the Year. A six-month long task must be a highly important task, so it should be within the first few items in first few months in your to-do list. Preparing a to-do list on its own will not put you into the right track. You need to work according to your list. So, the commitment is a key behavior you need to practice.
  • Learn new skills. Learning new things will always increase your knowledge, no matter what you do or where you coming from. A new thing can be anything such as a cooking skill, sports skill, hobby or even try to sing a song and put it into YouTube to see how your friends enjoy your voice. How about mastering the art of Espresso coffee roasting / how to make a good coffee in 2016? If your are fancy, check this post.
  • Final and the most important point out of these three is People. Be careful when choosing people in your life. Whenever you are making new contacts always make sure they are trustworthy, loyal, kind, knowledgeable and honest. Also, people with goals in their lives. Because, it will encourage you to keep up with the motivation / spirit if you are also chasing goals or if you are not a goal oriented person, most likely you will end up being a goal oriented person and that’s how you should be. However be nice and treat all with equity, kindness and love.

Well, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year!! As always thank you very much for reading my new year post. Feel free to put your opinion or more advices in the comments section below.

Many thanks, may the noble triple gem bless you !! 🙂



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