CSV to DataTables, WordPress plugin


Update! The plugin has been approved by WordPress and it is currently available to download within the extensions directory – https://wordpress.org/plugins/aj-csv-to-datatable

Hi tech heads,

Today, I got the opportunity to create my first ever WordPress plugin. Well, this wasn’t quite planned like this but somehow I ended up creating my own WordPress plugin. Since few days, I badly wanted to show CSV data in a DataTable (yes, in Allan’s DataTables) within WordPress. So, I browsed the WordPress extensions page and found an interesting, easily configurable plugin “csv-to-sortable” which uses the JS sortable library. That is a decent plugin and does the job very well, but I wanted use DataTable instead. (Maybe I am in deep love with DataTables). I got extremely inspired by this plugin and then I decided to create a similar looking WordPress plugin so it can use DataTables to present data. I have submitted this plugin to WordPress plugins and it is currently being reviewed. However, if you want to get your hands dirty with this, before WordPress finish reviewing, then here it is.

Link to download the plugin – http://e-innoving.com/samples/wp-plugins/AJ-CSV-to-DataTable.zip

I have created a new repository in GitHub for this plugin so anyone can see what’s happening inside. Click on the link below to view the repository. Installation and usage details are also mentioned inside the GitHub page.

AJ-CSV-to-DataTable in GitHub

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Chiswick House and Gardens

Last Saturday I managed to take some time off from my work and spend some ‘me’ time after a long time. Usually, I easily get occupied with various of programming work even in weekends apart from my regular weekday work. But last Saturday, I decided not to stare at the Laptop screen and enjoy the beautifulness of the gorgeous Mother Nature instead. To be honest I did not had a single clue about where I should go to breathe some fresh air and spend some quality time with nature. Once again, thankful to Mr. Google, I searched for some scenic parks around Hounslow area and got to know about this beautiful Chiswick House and Gardens.

Chiswick House and Gardens is located in about 10 minutes of walking distance from Chiswick Train station. When you walk out from the Chiswick Train station you will immediately see a sign board saying the direction you should walk.

Arguebly Chiswick House is the finest remaining example of Neo-Palladian architecture in London. The House was designed by Lord Burlington and completed in 1979. – Wickipedia

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