Encrypt and Decrypt using OpenSSL in PHP

Hello all,

In this topic, I will be talking about encryption and decryption using OpenSSL in PHP. I will be briefly discussing what “two way encryption” is and how to use it in your PHP application using OpenSSL encrypt and decrypt methods with a readily usable example. At the end of this page there will be a zip file where you can download and run the example.

Two way encryption (encryption and decryption) is the simplest way of securely sending some sensitve information over the Internet using a shared secret key. To make things understandble picture this scenario. A web user fills a form with some data and press the submit button. When the form is submitted, data will go from place A to place B. If we send data as it is, anyone (i.e. Spy) has access to data packets can open and see what’s inside. So, before sending data as it is we will use a convertion method (encryption) to transform human readable data (i.e. Plain text) into a human unreadable format (i.e. Cipher text). Then the receiving end will perform a data convertion exercise (decryption) to transform data back to readable format.

(Image URL :- https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Crypto.png)

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