Hi everyone, this is a random thought which came to my mind when I was coming back home this evening. I hope you will enjoy 🙂



Sinks our whole soul, when it arrives
Unshakable flow coming along, when it hits the pot
Turning down becomes a powerless effort
Dwelling too much isn’t too good as it steals yourself from you
You will forget your breath and largest rock goes unnoticed
Standing and walking becomes lighter than never before
But, flying is still an unachievable dream
People around you will try to show the easy way out
But, this is a battle between you and yourself
Looking down as you are counting shells on the beach
Your eyes will meet everything but no shells on the sand

Your mind will run from beaches to rainforests, oceans to waterfalls
whales to butterflies and winter to summer
Suddenly you will realise that you are standing still
Your shadow will dwell in you when you need the most
Then you turn up your head and notice the whole world is moving
They don’t see you anymore, they can’t feel you anymore
Your shocked eyes witness nothing but your own tears
Sunrises, Sunsets but nobody notices the Moon until its dark
You need to get up, wipe your tears, start walking like a 1 year old baby
The day will come, the “feeling” will become your “soul” and to nurture with your “life”.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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