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This post was originally posted in my facebook page (link), but I thought it would be useful for all the students who do Bachelor in Information Technology program. So here I’ve shared the post in my blog for your convenience.

Before your demo date (before less than 4-5 days)

  • Be confident about your project.
  • Forget about the areas/functions that you didn’t complete, instead concentrate and capitalize more on the areas/functions which you have already developed.
  • Add reasonable amount of data to all/applicable tables (20/30 rows or more in each table)
  • Nest your code neatly and apply comments where applicable in each page.
  • Thoroughly TEST your system before you go. Try different different combinations until you are satisfied with the expected outcome. It is really good if you show your project to your friend(s) and ask him/her/them to evaluate it, ask questions, enter data, etc.
  • Think and prepare for an effective route to demonstrate your project (described below)
  • Figure out and think of possible ways, how code modification phrase will impact you.  

At the time you demo it,

  • Be polite, greet with a smile 🙂
  • After the presentation, start demonstrating your project from where you think most scope is covered. In other words, many features/functions to show on the go. Because you won’t be able to show 100% of your project. They don’t want to assess your whole project. They just need to assess few areas of your project to get an overall understanding of your project. (So think and prepare for an effective route to demonstrate your project)
  • Never say “NO” or “System doesn’t have that” or “I don’t know” like negative/pessimistic answers to anything at once. Instead mention there is no such requirement by the client. Or if it is a whole new feature that doesn’t have in your system, tell them that it should come to future amendments/enhancements. Or if something is missing in the dissertation, tell them that you’ll add it, before the dissertation feedback date (hope dissertation evaluation is not falling on the same date). Simply never let any question to kick you down. Give it a good and smart response quickly.
  • Be ready to explain any place of your code extremely well. Never let them think that you don’t know what you have done. So be confidentially prepare for that. If you think, language matters when thoroughly explaining something, ask them whether it is okay to switch to your mother tongue.

At the code modification time,

  • Try your utmost best to fulfill the requirement within given period of time. BEFORE start doing what they have asked, take a good breath and think for a moment how you are going to achieve it, with taking no more than 1-2 mins.
  • If you feel you can do it 100% and need couple more minutes for that, don’t be scared to request that. They will give you for sure.
  • By any chance, you failed to do the code modification perfectly DON’T be scared. Explain them how you think it could have work and the steps you have followed, and thoroughly explain it. They need to ensure if this is 100% of your work. So if they still need to evaluate your knowledge, they will ask you few questions regarding your coding knowledge. Not magical questions, simple functions, steps, which you have used throughout your project. So be prepared for that as well.

Wish you good luck and all the very best!

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