Howdy people,

First of all I’d like to warmly welcome you in to my personal website.

Before going any further I would like to describe little bit about myself or the person behind this website.

Here we go,

I am Anjana Silva, 24+ years old guy  (will be turning to 25, on 1st of Sepetember 2013 😉 ), recently moved in to Leicester in England.  I moved here in last December, so I am still new in UK, but I think now I am well settled in here, kinda so far so good :). I am originally from Sri Lanka, which is my place of birth, world’s most beautiful country and love my mother land.  I am a full time Masters student in De Montfort University Leicester and studying MSc in Software Engineering. Apart from studies I do Web/Software Development during free time. I play computer games, watch movies, hit the gym, play badminton, play football, cook, feed ducks (every Sunday) go out with friends whenever I get a free time, but I go to gym at least 2/3 days per week.  That’s because I believe good health is the key to heaven 🙂

Actually you can see my presence in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, AllExperts, Badoo, etc., as I am an active person in Internet. But I’d like to be more open and share my personal experience over here as it may help others to read and learn, at least in a bit. That’s my utmost wish by the way. So guys/girls , things I post in here, straight away comes from my life, so treat is as serious 🙂

If you interested about bit of my qualities, I will list couple of things. I am very (very very) friendly and a honest guy who treats the life as it is. Listening to others and respecting what others believe are my two key factors you will ever see. People call me I am a good listener 🙂

Okidoki, will get in touch with you asap. Sometimes I may not post quite oftnely, as you know, time is so limited. But I’ll try my best to be in touch with you whenever possible. Feel free to leave your reply, it is totally up to you.

Cheers then!!! Good luck!! Take Care

PS :- People used to call me “AJ” , instead of “Anjana”. I have no preferences , so its up to you to pick a one 🙂 🙂






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